Here Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For Yoga
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Here Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For Yoga

Yoga has been such a great outlet for me.

It has helped me better manage my anxiety. Over time, I feel like I’m more relaxed and less reactionary. Now, I still have my moments from time to time (don’t we all?) but reeling it in happiness much faster now. Yoga helps you cultivate a more peaceful mind. We all have the ability to rewire our brain, away from the constant go, go, go atmosphere that so many of us are used to a more thoughtful and intentional place.

Yoga can help with anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety or daily life brings on a fair amount of stress, I highly recommend trying yoga. You will learn different breathing techniques that can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress. If you’re not ready to dip into yoga, meditation is also great for managing anxiety. Ten minutes a day can do wonders for your overall energy.

If you are looking for meditation videos, you can find my post here with my top 10 meditation videos. For me practicing yoga at home is where I feel most comfortable. I still love going into a studio, but these days, finding time with three kids is a challenge. If you’re like me, still learning, or if you want to take a go at yoga just to see what it’s all about, I have compiled a list of my 5-favorite yoga YouTubers. So read on!

Yoga With Adriene

First up is Adriene. She is my first love, so to say. This is where I started when I first started practicing at home. I would suggest her for any level of yoga experience you have and especially for beginners. Her flows are (for the most part) gentle and easy to follow, as well as easy to adapt to your comfort level. Such a soothing soul, and her dog Benji is probably the best part. He manages to make a cameo in most of her videos.

Here Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For Yoga

The Journey Junkie

Next up is Allie. She is who I have been following the most lately, and I am currently enrolled in her lunar yoga program. Allie does a lot with chakra points and energy flows. So if you want to learn more about yoga’s spiritual aspects or are new to it all, she would be one of my top ones to recommend. Allie offers a range of gentle flows for everyone to more intense; muscle toning flows if you’re ready for more of a challenge. She lives on a sailboat, so her videos’ locations are just stunning and beautiful to look at!

Boho Beautiful

Next on the list is Boho Beautiful. Here and her husband travel the world, so each location is spectacular and a great way to learn about global yoga retreat centers. Her yoga flows have a lot of influence from Pilates. With that being said, her yoga flows can be a bit intense, you can find a few beginner videos from her, but even those I think offer a good burn. If you are brand new to yoga, I would suggest working your way up to her. When I started with her videos, I didn’t realize how intense they would be, and it was a bit hard to keep up. If you’re looking to really create muscle and flexibility, this would be the girl for you.

Brett Larkin

The fourth on the list is Brett Larkin; her yoga style is Kundalini. So, there is more emphasis on breathing techniques. When I first started, I had no idea there were various types of yoga. I had always assumed yoga was yoga, but no, girl! You have to be ready to feel a bit silly until you get used to these breathing techniques, you might feel a bit self-conscious, but the benefits are fantastic!

Baptiste Yoga

The last is Baptiste yoga. Now they don’t update often, but if you are looking to build your stamina with yoga, this is a great channel to follow. Most of the classes are about an hour long and fast-moving. I would suggest this for intermediate yogis. Baren Baptiste has an incredible 40-Day Personal Revolution program that combines yoga with some inner reflection. If you want to hear about my experience with this program, you can find it here. You can always search for Baptiste yoga, and you’ll find lots of yoga studios with videos on this.

I hope this list provides you with some benefits, and I hope you end up loving yoga as much as I do! Until next time dreamers, namaste. 

Buddha Quote "quite the mind and the soul will speak"
Buddha Quote “quite the mind and the soul will speak”

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Here Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For YogaHere Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For YogaHere Are My Top Five FREE YouTubers For Yoga


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