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    How To Come Out of a Bout of Depression or Anxiety

    Depression and anxiety is something I’ve battled a better part of my teens and adult years. Something that never really goes away, you just learn how to cope and live side by side. Some days, weeks or months are absolutely awesome, and then sometimes with or without warning, you’re in the depths of sadness and fear. So, how do you find the drive to pull yourself out of that hole? Sometimes it is almost impossible and it seems there is no end in sight. Realizing and accepting that you’re in the midst of an episode is even bigger to face. Starting this journey has been very hard, and something I’m…

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    Wellness + Yoga

    Best Ways To Cope With Anxiety During A Time Of Uncertainty

    I realized how much was affecting me mentally During the pandemic (for whatever reason I really hate using this word, probably because it creates more anxiety) I realized how much it was affecting me mentally as I think a lot of us are feeling. I think at first it was kind of survival mode happening so I didn’t feel much for the first few weeks other than intensity and just working on figuring out all the daily logistics. Now, as I start to sit panic starts to creep in. I start to worry about everything; will we get sick, will I realize if one of us gets sick, will we…