Try This Easy and Quick Honey Infused Kale Chip Recipe
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Try This Easy and Quick Honey Infused Kale Chip Recipe

What to do with all of the kale from the garden

Chomp down on some healthy kale chips. This is my go-to recipe when the garden has gotten out of control growing our Kale, and I want to use them up before they are no good. It is quick and easy; it is also a great thing to have the kids help out with. I use just five ingredients in this recipe, but if honey is not your jam, remove it, and you have an easy four-ingredient recipe. I find the honey adds just the right amount of sweetness to this earthly leaf, and it makes it that much harder to stop myself from eating a whole bowl of these chips.

Here’s what our Kale looked like just a few short weeks ago. Now it has exploded, and the leaves are as big as my head! If using fresh Kale from your garden, I suggest picking and cooking within an hour; otherwise, the leaves start to wilt, so don’t harvest until you are ready to make these. Grocery store kale should be fine for a few days. I have yet to find the right way to keep my fresh Kale perky after harvesting, so if you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments. 😁

kale from the garden
kale from the garden

So, once you have your Kale, make sure you give them a good rinse, especially if they’re coming straight out of the garden. We don’t want any hitchhikers or dirt getting in the mix. Take time to dry each leaf well so they can crisp up a bit when you put them in the oven.

Now the fun part…

No need to cut your pieces. Just start ripping into what you think are suitable bit sizes for you. They will shrink a bit, but not that much. As you go, place the “chips” onto a cookie sheet. You can line with tin foil if you would like, but I feel they get a better crisp without, but hey, that’s just me; you do you❤. Don’t worry if they overlap a bit; they will be just fine.

Make your kale chip glaze

Once you have them all laid out, you can then create your glaze that will be sprinkled on top. Now, I tend to wing it a bit when cooking, so for this, I would go by taste versus worrying about exact measurements. I did about 3 (olive oil) to 1 (honey) for my mixture, stir, and sit for about 10 minutes. If you make your mixture before creating your chips, then you should be all set by the time you’re done laying them out on cookie sheets.

kale with honey glaze
kale with honey glaze

Now, paint your kale!

After it has set a bit, mix again. If you have a pastry or basting brush, use this to sprinkle the mixture over the kale chips. No worries if you don’t; a fork will work just as well. Don’t worry about saturating each leaf. After you have sprinkled the olive oil and honey mixture, go back and add your pepper and garlic salt. Now those babies are ready to get cooking. I set my oven to 300*, and I would suggest only using the top rack (top two slots).

First go around, I had one on top and one on the bottom; well, the bottom one cooked way too fast and was mostly a burnt mess, no Bueno! Check after 6 minutes just to make sure they are not cooking too quickly. Give them another 4 minutes, and they should be ready to come out. Once they are out and still a bit warm, lightly go and sprinkle a bit of table salt. Let them cool for about 10 minutes, and you have yourself a delicious treat. Enjoy ☺

Here’s another kale recipe if you have so much you don’t know what to do with it all! If you’re looking for a great gardening book, I love The Old Farmer’s Almanac Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook.

kale chips in bowl

Ingredients and Recipe:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Honey (optional)

Garlic Salt

Table Salt


–       Oven temp: 300*

–       Mix your olive oil and honey (3 to 1 ratio or to taste)

–       Tear Kale into bite sizes and place on a cookie sheet

–       Sprinkle olive oil mixture over Kale

–       Add garlic, salt, and pepper

–       Cook for 6-10 minutes on the top rack

–       Once removed, sprinkle a bit of table salt for added taste

–       Cool for about 10 minutes, and then enjoy!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Try This Easy and Quick Honey Infused Kale Chip Recipe


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