• The Air Element + Yoga Flow
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    The Air Element + Yoga Flow

    The Air Element Strong-willed and full of curiosity. The Air element shows up with its strong ideas, clarity, and sometimes a much needed fresh perspective. This is where we find the energy to push through and stay focused on our dreams and goals. Just like the water element, it helps to keep us moving and progressing. The Air element is one of the four elements along with; Water, Fire & Earth. The Air element is where one can find their entrepreneurial spirit. Those who have a balanced Air element within will be seen as creative thinkers; finding ways around an issue or problem in a unique or abstract way is…

  • Earth element symbol, upside down triangle with a line at the lower end.
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    The Earth Element + Yoga Flow

    The Earth Element Our need for structure, grounding, and a sense of support; this is where our foundation is formed. The Earth element helps us hold our feet on the ground while we follow our path, dreams, and ultimate self. In Latin, the earth element phase is referred to as “terra firma,” which translates to solid ground. When we find ourselves a bit lost, unsure of where to go next or the needed route, one may want to reconnect or re-balance their Earth element. We all have some of the four elements; Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, within our soul. The Earth element lends a firm foundation for the other…

  • The Fire Element + Yoga Flow
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    The Fire Element + Yoga Flow

    The Fire Element – Light The Flame The Fire element. Our passion, drive, desire, and inner turmoil all wrapped into one fierce vortex of energy. We all have some of the four elements in our being, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each bringing their strengths and weaknesses, building off each other magically and intricately. Ideally, we want each to be present in our lives equally. If we find we are struggling in one area or neglecting one, the others will overcompensate until we can once again reach a balanced state. The fire element is where we store our core drivers. This is where a deep need for forward movement, focus,…

  • Tupelo Honey Blog Post Title: Water Element
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    The Water Element + Yoga Flow

    Water Element The element of Water. Feminine energy. Fluidity, ease in movement, ability to move through any obstacles. The ability to change and adapt to what is needed. Sees a vast pool of possibilities and can offer cleansing and purifying properties. Water can also relax and restore with all the energy it holds. If a sense of rebirth is what is needed, consider a ritual bath as a way to cleanse you and your energy, create and start a new.  The Water element is one of the four astrology elements, including Fire, Earth, and Air. When we find ourselves in difficult and challenging situations, we need to think like Water.…