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My Top 10 FREE Meditation Videos on YouTube

How I get the most out of my meditation time

Meditation is something that I have practiced on and off for a few years but over the last 6 months or so it’s something that I now practice almost daily. I’ve tried many videos or just listening to soothing music and trying on my own. For me, my mind still wants to go a mile a minute so to get the most out of the time I set aside for meditation I found that listening to guided meditations works best for me. If you’re interested in starting your own meditation practice I have compiled a list of my top 10 that I recommend currently. Most are around 10 minutes long and are a great introduction. I hope you enjoy it! Namaste…

List of my top 10 free meditation videos on YouTube

This one is a great one to get you introduced to meditation, it’s only about 7 minutes and is one that is used in a 40-day yoga program I took. If you want to read more about this program you can read about it here.

Be open-minded on this one, not the typical video that you may be used to. This is also a shorter one, Linda’s voice is so calming and I tend to like the guided meditations.

The Calm channel is one of my absolute go-tos for most of my meditation. Tamara Levitt is one of the teachers and I just find her voice very soothing. This one is centered around mindfulness.

Now, this meditation is centered around the full moon for April 2020 but I think the message has no time limit.

This one I have listened to many times, especially when I feel a little lost or feel that I should be farther along in something. The meditation journey is centered around the Sanskrit word Santosha.

This one helps you to remember to come back to the breath and let go of past events or future endeavors that may or may not happen. Learn to be present in the here and now.

Now, this meditation has you work with sound and incorporate it into the meditation journey instead of trying so hard to block everything out.

If you’re a yoga lover you’ve probably heard of Adriene, she’s is pretty awesome and so lovable! Perfect if you are experiencing anxiety at the moment, it has a bit more talking than the others so if you like to meditate in silence this may not be for you. Make sure you also check out her yoga videos😊

Here’s another one from a great yoga teacher. Her channel is Boho Beautiful and she incorporates Pilates and yoga together to make for some intense and burning (in a good way 😉) workouts.

If you are having trouble winding down from the day or getting a decent night’s sleep, I suggest trying this meditation. This one is designed to be done right before bed, normally when practicing meditation you should be sitting upright but in this one you are instructed to lie down (bonus!).

If you’re looking for some calming or energy-clearing background music as you go about your day, I especially like these now that most of us are spending more time at home, here are a few that I recommend.

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

My Top 10 FREE Meditation Videos on YouTubeMy Top 10 FREE Meditation Videos on YouTube


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