A Little Bit About Me

Hi Everyone! I hope you’ll come along on my journey

About me page… such a loaded question. All about me or just the best parts? All jokes aside the reason I started this blog was as an outlet for me and to push myself to find my happiness. I’m a Midwestern girl, mom of three and striving to find the more creative, happy side of me that I know is in there. Depression and anxiety is something I’ve battle a better part of my teens and adult years. About 6-7 years ago is when I developed anxiety which, of course, triggered my depression that I thought I had under control. After trying medication after medication (that seemed to just make it worse) I decided that there had to be a better way and that if I wanted to live a rich, happy life I needed to find a way to live with this. Over the last 3-4 years I have started to take a more natural approach. It first started with therapy so I could learn how to cope with my anxiety and how to handle my attacks head on. This helped immensely in understanding why I had these racing, fear-based attacks and thoughts. I suggest anyone battling these same issues start here (you’d be amazed how much just a few sessions can help) I then started to research natural remedies to help curb anxiety. This is what has led me to start this blog, I want to share what I have found has worked and how I apply it to my everyday life. Writing has always been something I have enjoyed and I thought what the heck, maybe my journey to a more natural and holistic life can help someone else, also it’s great accountability for me to keep finding my happiness. Those with depression and anxiety know just how easy it is to give up, which of course then creates more anxiety. You doubt, reason away your time and plans, lose your drive and motivation to keep going. It’s taken me a whole year to finally make it here. But here I am trying to push myself to the creative side of me I love and dream about being. Well I’m not giving up. I want a life full of passion, love and happiness. I can visualize what I want, now I need to really start living by it. So, if you’re out there stuck in this weird anxiety, depression ridden environment know that it will get better, letting a good cry out can help massively (you’d be surprised) and someone is rooting for you to succeed and most of all be happy. It’s such a lovely, vicious cycle isn’t it? So, if any of this resonates with you come along on my journey and let’s walk together, learn together and lift each other up.

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜