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FREE Moon Phase Yoga Flows

Wrapping up our Moon phases with beautiful yoga flows you can do during any Moon phase. If you missed it, my last two posts covered the primary and secondary moon phases. Now, this is a general overview, and there is so much more we can learn from the Moon cycles, but I had to start out with the basics to help wrap my mind around all there is to know.

Try Some Yummy Yoga Flows For Energy Alignment

Sometimes the best way to learn is through a yummy yoga flow to help drive home what we can expect to feel during each Moon phase. For me personally, understanding how these phases can possibly affect our mental state gives me some sort of preparedness for the days or weeks ahead, and that makes me feel just a bit more in control if I start to feel my emotions start to reeve up.

Primary Moon Phases Yoga Flows

New Moon Yoga Flow

This New Moon yoga flow is from Kat. She is such a gentle soul, and she does a great job explaining the Moon phase. This is for the Aquarius New Moon, but I feel that this is an excellent flow for any New Moon.

First Quarter Moon Yoga Flow

Find your balance between the light and the dark. Get ready to move into the Full Moon energy. Beautiful flow by Victoria. I think this is a great flow for those who maybe haven’t hit the mat in a while or are new to the practice.

Full Moon Yoga Flow

This one is from my girl Allie, and I LOVE her. She is awesome. Beautiful Full Moon flow to help release all that no longer serves, focus on what is working for you, and get your energy ready for the New Moon.

Last Quarter Moon Yoga Flow

Victoria has another excellent flow for this Moon phase as well. This is where we fully release all that we could not accomplish during this last Full Moon cycle.

Victoria also has some great flows for the secondary Moon phases if you’re interested. For this post, I decided to stick with the Primary phases to get us started.

Her channel can be found here:


Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

FREE Moon Phase Yoga FlowsFREE Moon Phase Yoga Flows


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