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The Earth Element + FREE Yoga Flow

The Earth Element

Our need for structure, grounding, and a sense of support; this is where our foundation is formed. The Earth element helps us hold our feet on the ground while we follow our path, dreams, and ultimate self. In Latin, the earth element phase is referred to as “terra firma,” which translates to solid ground. When we find ourselves a bit lost, unsure of where to go next or the needed route, we may want to reconnect or re-balance the Earth element within.

We all have some of the four elements, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, within our souls.

The Earth element lends a firm foundation for the other elements to thrive. Each of the four elements brings its own strengths. When perfectly balanced, one does not snuff out the other, each lift each other up to reach their highest potential and create a life full of love and light.

Earth Element Traits

If you are learning or have experience with Tarot, the Earth element is found in the suit of pentacles. The Earth element represents creating a world of stability from routine, being very disciplined with money with a bit of a lean towards the materialistic side of life, and a strong need to keep ourselves practical. Within this element’s need for order and routine, one should be able to find their sense of purpose with ease, that is if our Earth element is in a balanced state. With the need for routine and knowledge or the ability to control our life outcomes within the Earth element, its rigidness can turn into stubbornness and may not easily change their ways or behaviors. In general, the traits of the Earth element are ever-present in these cards. Now, the astrology signs that fall under the Earth element are; Taurus (second house), Virgo (sixth house), and Capricorn (tenth house).

The Four Elements

In relation to the other elements, Air, Fire, and Water, the Earth element also calls on each of these to help diminish Earth element traits’ intensity. The Air element offers lightheartedness and somewhat of a free spirit. In turn, the Earth element helps the Air element create deeper connections. Since the Earth element is all about practicality and routine, the Fire element helps to add a bit of fun and fiery passion into the mundane that the Earth element can sometimes create. On the flip side, the Earth element helps the Fire element stay grounded and not become too hot-headed, looking at things from a practical eye. Now, the Water element helps to soften all of the Earth element’s traits, and in return, the Earth element provides a sense of structure and guidance. Creating a path for the Water element to follow.

Earth, air, fire and water
Earth, air, fire, and water

Earth Element Symbol + Meaning

The Earth element’s symbol is a downward triangle with a line through the triangle’s bottom half. The line and where it is placed are essential. This line represents the ground, the Earth’s line on the horizon. Since an upside-down triangle represents the Earth element, this signifies female energy. The two feminine element signs are Water and Earth, while the masculine elements represented by upright triangles are Fire and Air.

Yoga + The Earth Element

Since I am a Virgo, I resonate with this element the most, which means I have a few favorite yoga flows for this element. I couldn’t fall on just one to share, so this post has a bonus yoga flow. In dealing with my mental health and anxiety, I tend to do more than I would like to feel, not connected to my foundation or unsure of where I should be headed—always questioning myself. So I have a deep need within to practice Earth element yoga flows more than any of the other elements. The first flow is from one of my favorites, Allie from The Journey Junkie. The next flow is a bit longer but exceptional in making you feel connected to your core again. So, if you find yourself a bit out of sorts, unsure of where to head to next, and looking for that guiding light to lead you in the right direction, take some time to balance your Earth element. Come back to your core values and your soul’s purpose. In reconnecting with these foundational pillars, you will find the answers and the light to lead you down the road of happiness and overall contentment.

Journey Junkie: Earth Element Yoga Flow

The Other Elements

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

The Earth Element + FREE Yoga FlowThe Earth Element + FREE Yoga Flow


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