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The Air Element

Strong-willed and full of curiosity. The Air element shows up with its strong ideas, clarity, and sometimes a much-needed fresh perspective. This is where we find the energy to push through and stay focused on our dreams and goals. Just like the water element, it helps to keep us moving and progressing.

The Air element is one of the four elements, along with; Water, Fire & Earth.

The Air element is where one can find their entrepreneurial spirit. Those who have a balanced Air element within will be seen as creative thinkers; finding ways around an issue or problem in a unique or abstract way is the Air element’s strong suit. One born with an Air element astrology sign can have a heightened sense of these traits. Do you find yourself continually analyzing and finding solutions to not only your personal pain points but those around you? Well, then, you might have a strong affiliation with the Air element.

The four elements
The four elements

The Air Element + Astrology Signs

The astrology or zodiac signs that fall directly under the Air element is Aquarius (eleventh house), Gemini (third house), and Libra (seventh house). Communication can be found in each of these astrology signs and some degree of creating connections with others. Just like the Water element, the Air element brings childlike wonder and curiosity. Still, they will not approach and view situations with rose-colored glasses on with the Air element.

Those with a strong connection to the Air element can fairly easily see a situation for what it is and fully understand it. An Air element can come in feeling like a breath of fresh air or a wild tornado. If one feels upset or approached in the wrong manner, their calm demeanor can quickly change. So, even though those with Air element qualities are sympathetic and cooperative, don’t take advantage of this gentleness, or it may end up coming back at you with a furry, like a storm rolling through.

The Air Elements Traits

If unbalanced, the Air element can have a hard time developing concrete ways to make all of those wild dreams and solutions come to fruition. The creation of a routine can help an Air element stay balanced. All of those beautiful ideas will do us no good if we stay up in the clouds, find your great ideas, and then come back down and figure out how to make them a reality.

Now, if we look at the Air element concerning the other elements, Water, Fire, and Earth, it is what connects all of these four elements. Even though it’s essentially an invisible element, it provides so much. In relation to the Fire element, think of it as the wind that fans the flame and keeps the Fire element burning bright and strong. When talking about the Earth element, Air gives us a chance to dream and play in clouds, if you will; yes, we want to stay grounded, but forging new paths and trying something new, we need the curiosity of the Air element to push us to explore. With the Water element, Air can bring one out of the depths of deep thought, whereas overthinking can wreak havoc on our emotional well-being if we stay down in the depths of thought for too long. In return, Water provides a path for our wanderlust Air spirit to follow.

The Air Elements Symbol + Meaning

The symbol for the Air element is an upright triangle with a line towards the top. With this being an upright triangle, this signifies masculine energy. The line represents the sky above us all, gazing up into a world full of possibilities. The Air element connects to our Heart chakra and can also be found in the suit of Swords.

Air element symbol
Air element symbol

The best way to connect and balance the four elements, I believe, is through yoga. It is essential to take time out of our busy lives and fully connect with our soul and spirit. Sometimes we need a bit of a tune-up and an opportunity to refocus while striving to be our best authentic selves.

So, as always, here is a yoga flow by my girl Allie to help you connect and balance your Air element.

Air Element Yoga Flow – The Journey Junkie

The Other Elements

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

The Air Element + FREE Yoga FlowThe Air Element + FREE Yoga Flow


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