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What Is The Water Element

The element of Water. Feminine energy. Fluidity, ease of movement, ability to move through any obstacles. The ability to change and adapt to what is needed. The water element helps us to see a vast pool of possibilities while also offering cleansing and purifying properties. Water can also relax and restore with all the energy it holds. If a sense of rebirth is what is needed, consider a ritual bath as a way to cleanse you, your energy and start a new. 

The Water element is one of the four astrology elements, including Fire, Earth, and Air.

When we find ourselves in difficult and challenging situations, we need to think like Water. Find a new way around, push our way through, and adapt to our surroundings. We do not change who we are. Water doesn’t change at its core. But we can and should contort and shapeshift so we can move through and continue following the flow of life. But, since the Water element is hard to form and will flow in any direction (this could be looked at as a lack of focus), this means that this element needs influence from the other three elements. In return, it then also adds a positive and lighthearted tone to the other four elements. This description of the Water element can also be a great describer of someone’s personality.

The Four Elements: Fire Air Earth Water
The Four Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water

Astrology and the Water element

Astrology signs that fall under the Water element are Cancer (fourth house), Scorpio (eighth house), and Pisces (twelfth house). If you take a look at the symbols representing these three astrology signs, you will notice they are connected to the Water element; Crab -Cancer, Scorpio – Scorpio, Pisces – Fish. Do you know a Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces? Does any of this resonate with a part of them? For our lovely Air element signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the Water element helps them deepen connections, not only with themselves but with others. For confident Fire signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries), the Water element can help create more empathy and understanding. Earth element signs (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus), it helps them ebb and flow, trust the process, and help soften some of their rigidness.

The Water element and ourselves

Water can help create a sense of calm around us. Water can be very shallow or as deep as the darkest sea; this shows that we are very capable of making deep connections with those around us and ourselves. As humans, we have many layers, some just sitting at the top, others found through years of searching and guidance. Emotions are in abundance with the Water element; we are able to pick up the emotions of others when we are in a state of balance with the Water element. When we are in a balanced state, all of these Water elements’ traits should come in equal parts. No one trait is taking over and creating possibly a sense of lack of focus, unable to connect on a deep level with others, or showing a bit of discomfort in the eye of change. 

The Water element symbol

Since Water will tend to flow where it can, there may be a lack of boundaries created by those who resonate with the Water element. Use the Water element to do some deep inner reflection if it is needed anywhere in your life. Where can we look in our lives and possibly create change or magnify our true selves?

water element symbol
The water element symbol – is an upside-down triangle.

Water element yoga flow

For me, I always find yoga a fantastic way to rejuvenate and rebalance. If you feel like adding a bit of the Water element into your being, this yoga flow by Allie is a great one to try! It is a very fluid flow, designed to give your body the feeling of being Water. The bonus is that you get to learn more about one of the four elements in astrology and the Zodiac.

The Other Elements

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

The Water Element + FREE Yoga FlowThe Water Element + FREE Yoga Flow


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