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Book Review: Wear No Evil – A Guide To Ethical Fashion

Sometimes it doesn’t take a big change to make a difference. After watching the documentary The True Cost ( I want to learn so much more about ethical fashion and how I could do my part. This book, Wear No Evil – A Guide To Ethical Fashion is a great resource. This book takes you through the conditions within the last few years. What it takes to make a garment (you’d be surprised just what goes into making a simple T-Shirt!), and introduces you to some amazing brands that you’ll definitely want to support.

Wear No Evil Book Cover
Wear No Evil Book Cover

Wear No Evil breaks it down into fibers to look for and avoid. Admittedly there were some that I thought were not so bad for the environment but I learned through reading this book that some simply are not. This is a great reference if you are looking to make changes to what and how you buy but find it all a bit overwhelming and don’t know where to start.

She gives you fibers, materials, and garment labeling to look for, and ones that may sound great but are anything but. There are little brand blurbs that help give you a quick overview of some more ethical brands, how they are doing their part to change the fashion industry, and ways to help support them.

Wear No Evil Book Inside
A peek at the layout of the book

She even breaks down what brands she recommends and the price points they fall in for each category; tops, bottoms, undergarments, footwear, and even beauty/skincare. It’s a nice, quick read that will help empower you when shopping around for more eco-friendly and ethical fashions.

I’m particular about second-hand and vintage stores but when I do need to buy new it’s great to have a guide to help make sure I’m making the most ethical decision I can where I am.

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Book Review: Wear No Evil - A Guide To Ethical FashionBook Review: Wear No Evil - A Guide To Ethical Fashion

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