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How To Bring Water Element Herbs into Your Life

Spiritual Meaning of Water

Water Element Symbol

Water – a symbol of purification, cleansing, washing away the old to make way for the new. Water can also be used to collect negative energy. Feeling like you may have some bad juju lingering around while you sleep? Put a cup of water under your bedside, and stir clockwise to bring in positive energy (optional).

Water absorbs negative energy, so the thought is that any unwanted energy will be sent into the water. Make sure to flush the next day – don’t drink it! Water holds many spiritual meanings but universally is seen as a way to purify either physically, spiritually, or mentally. So, incorporating water-element herbs into your everyday life is a great way to add in a bit of protection and new life – possibly into upcoming projects or to capture negative energy trying to come your way.

Water can also give us a sense of calm and even symbolize new life. If you look back in history, populations of people would often settle near water, understanding its significance to survival, and was incorporated into religion, ceremonies, and rituals. If you want to explore more, here is an excellent resource to check out: and here:

Deities of The Water Element

Now, if you’re looking for gods or goddesses to honor that symbolize water, there are a few. One of the most well-known is Poseidon, the king of the sea, and his wife, Amphitrite. Abzu – god of freshwater. There are also the Sirens – known for their delicate voices that can’t be resisted by fishermen but ultimately lead to their death. There is a plethora depending on the type of water energy you are looking to invoke; a great list to start from can be found here: And names can change depending on the culture you are looking to work under.

Water Element Herbs

Now, if you want to be super technical, all herbs contain or can fit within the water element. If each plant didn’t receive water, it would exist. But there are plants and herbs that thrive when exposed to water more often and those that will literally die if you water them more than a few times a month.

So, just like the water element, you want to look for plants and herbs that bring on those same characteristics, i.e., purification, cleansing, rebirth, healing, feminine energy, relaxation, and fluidity.

Water Element Herb List:

There are far more than these listed, but I tried to stick to ones that should be relatively safe for almost everyone. But, always do your own research if you’re unsure!

Apple/Apple Blossom


Lemon Balm – one of my favorites











Not Technically herbs, but are very easy to add to water:




How To Bring Water Element Herbs into Your Life

The new year is a great time to incorporate more water-element herbs into your life. The new year is for starting new, fresh, and cleansed of old energy. You can incorporate these water-element herbs into your daily life by planting and watering the seed of this creation, taking it as a metaphor for new growth in your life. One super-easy way is to use water-element herbs to enchant your water with them. First, of course, check that the herb you are looking to use is safe. If neither of these speaks to you, try incorporating artwork of water element plants into your home.

If you want to learn more about the Water element, check out my post on it here: One of my favorite yoga flows is included to help bring in a bit more fluidity into your life.

And here are my other blog posts on the other elements:

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning about acupuncture and the water element, I highly suggest checking out this website: She also covers the three other elements, Fire, Air, and Earth.

Herbal Magic also has an excellent herbal reference guide that includes elemental correspondence for each herb mentioned in the book.

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

How To Bring Water Element Herbs into Your Life

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