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Why You Should Read Waking The Witch

Mixed with history, the author’s own experiences and folklore to feed the soul, creating an even more present sense of wonder and intrigue. Pam Grossman takes you along for an empowering ride to finding your inner power.

Why Were Women Accused Of Being Witches

Those who have accused those of being witches or practicing the darker arts, well, let’s say, they were mostly men (or the wives scorned by said witch) and sexist. It is interesting to learn that those who accused (mainly) women of being witches had some ego issues, to say the least. Are you going to question my motives and authority? You almost have succeeded in making things harder for me and my authoritative way of life. Do you offer another solution for saving lives? Well, then, you’re a witch. Isn’t it funny how we still see this today? In entertainment, the corporate world, and everyday interactions with everyday people? Women have unfortunately felt oppression for far too long, and something we fight against daily.

It is sad to read about how long this type of oppression has been going on. Yes, we’ve made or strides, but we still have so far to go. Whether you believe in witches or not, it really can be translated to how, no matter whether man or woman, we all at some point have felt this feeling of less than for just being who we are.

We are far removed from seeing witches dressed in the Halloween attire we are accustomed to, Green skin, black clothes, a pointy hat, and a cackle that brings us back to the Wizard of Oz. The real witches are all around; the ones that practice or belong to a coven, but they are also the writers, CEOs, yoga teachers, and accountants. To me, it’s a world of empowerment, confidence, and being the wielder of your own fate. If you are in need of finding your power again (and want a little history lesson), this is where you’ll find it. We all have a little witch inside us.

About the Author:

Pam Grossman is a writer and a teacher and has a fantastic podcast: The Witch Wave. Do you want to know another cool fact? She created a set of witch emojis that has been a best seller. So wish I was an Apple product person! The Craft is something she has lived and breathed since she was younger. Years of experience, research, and reading led to this fantastic book. If you’re curious just a bit about how the other side lives, I highly suggest adding this to your list.

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Why You Should Read Waking The Witch

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