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Is It Four Elements or Five?

As we wrap up our series on the four elements, we get to the point where the question is asked, are there four elements, or are there five? In researching and learning about the four elements, I’ve concluded that there are indeed 5. Well, I guess that depends on where you’re looking for your research. Some stop at the core four elements, and some include this fifth element – Aether or Spirit.

The core four elements are Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.

Each of these elements helps make up our being, the psychical world around us, and everything in it. Each element connects to the other, and one cannot exist without the other. This is the foundation for all that is around us and in us. This is what we call the Aether or the Spirit element. It goes by many different names depending on the language and religion you are referencing, though, so don’t be surprised if you find others calling it by another name. We cannot physically see this, so this may be why some don’t consider it to be one of the main elements.

The four elements
Water, Earth, Fire, Air

In this series, I’ve discussed the core elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. For each of these elements, there is something concrete that we can relate all these elements to. In everybody’s mind, they can think of something that reminds them of Earth; the ground beneath our feet. Air is something that we use every day to keep our bodies flowing and functioning. Fire, whether it be the fire within us, our drive and passion, or the fire we burn outside on a chilly summer night. And then there is the Water element. We swim in the water on a hot summer day and use it to nourish and cleanse our bodies.

The Spirit element is where it becomes a little bit trickier.

How do we relate this fifth element to something we cannot physically see? It is something that is deep inside all of us and is all around us. This is something that we feel inside our being every single day. The Spirit element is all around us and is just waiting to show us the path of where we should go and what we need if we’re willing to listen. The Greeks saw this as something that extends far beyond the Earth plane. The best way I have seen it is plainly explained is as Earth->Heaven or Body->Spirit. The Aether element is the space it fills that connects all the in-between parts.

Some traits associated with the fifth element are divination, higher awareness, infinity, and limitless potential. So, if you find yourself seeing sequences of numbers, think 111, 1212, 555, or a reoccurring theme, perhaps in your readings or things you observe every day, something that seems to be too good of a coincidence, it may be the Spirit element trying to send you a message.

The Symbol for The Spirit Element

The symbol for the fifth element is a combination of all the signs for the other four elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. This results in something similar to the pentagram symbol or the Star of David. Now, I think some can see a variation of this symbol relating to darker arts. Versions of this symbol are sometimes used in an evil or negative light; we each have the option the decide what this symbol means to us, as we do with any other symbol. This symbol represents all parts of our being that make up us and puts a unique bow on it.

A way we connect all of our physical aspects of us to our soul and the universe. Now, with that said, as time has passed and everyone brings their point of view on this element, more symbols can be used to represent the Aether or Spirit element. If this particular symbol doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to research and find one you feel drawn to.

The Aether Element Yoga Flow

If you want to connect with your Spirit and the other four elements, I have this beautiful yoga flow to help balance it all! It is a bit longer than I usually share with you, but I believe it takes a little longer for us to open up and connect with the universe and our inner being. I hope you enjoy it!

The Other Elements

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

The Spirit or Aether Element + FREE Yoga FlowThe Spirit or Aether Element + FREE Yoga Flow


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