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Reconnect with Nature. The Enchanted Life – Unlock The Magic.

Unlock The Magic Found All Around Us In Nature

So, I started reading this book probably a little bit before the new year, wanting to find ways to connect with nature a bit more. I had put this book down for probably a good month or so. I started reading it again after I started my 40-day yoga workshop if you want to read about my journey through this you can find it here. Like divine intervention or the universe aligning these two books were mentioning similar advice. How we need to learn to become back to our childlike selves and find awe in our surroundings every day, really connect with the world around us.

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Take time to re-engage with nature and become enchanted again

At times when we feel guilt for pausing something and push ourselves to re-engage with something when we’re not ready. Our inner self is telling us one thing but we refuse to listen so the potency of the message or lesson we are needing to receive is lost. At first, this book was hard for me to engage with, and honestly, understand. I now know that the universe wasn’t ready for me to receive the messages in this book. If we try to push things in another direction and fight our inner voice, gut, third eye, whatever you want to call it, the true beauty and bounty of what is being offered to us is very hard to see.

The Enchanted Life is a must read! Find the beauty in nature.

Find your intuition by reconnecting with nature

I’ve learned that as hard as it may be, we must trust our true selves and let things open up to us when the time is right and feels right. In today’s society, it’s very easy to forget to find the magic in every day. This book helps bring back the light in our soul that isn’t gone but diminished. Sharon talks about how everything and everyone (not limited to humans) has a soul, has a spirit.

We may start to take for granted what is all around us all of the time but if you take time to sit, think, and listen you realize that it is just simply amazing all of the things and energies that surround us every day in everything in this world. At the beginning of this book, she breaks up who we currently may be and who we should be with a very descriptive story, something she is very good at, broken into two scenarios. Bases for the story is a woman walking through a forest.

A woman walking through a forest…

One version starts with the woman quickly becoming distracted by her thoughts, everyday list-making, barely noticing the beauty that is around her and just going through the task at hand if you will. The next version is the woman taking her time, intentionally setting everything else aside and shutting off the chaos of daily life, if only for a bit. Talks to the wildlife she encounters, waiting for a response, and thanking them for all they have to offer. She is paying attention to every little detail that nature around her is presenting.

Now, who doesn’t think the second version sounds so much better? Well, the goal, hopefully by the end of reading this book, is to get to that place every day. When reading a book, I will bend the bottom corner if I’ve found something great and mind-shifting that I must come back to. Let me tell you, this book has quite a few of these pages. Sharon references many great storytellers throughout this book, so if you feel yourself wanting to explore more, she has you covered. As I read this book it helped me realize that even in the craziness of our daily life we can and must find time to bring back our inner childlike wonderment.

Finding our sense of belonging in this multi-layered world we live in

In today’s society, we must find our sense of belonging to this multi-layered world we live in. Sharon refers to a great deal of Irish folklore, which is fascinating to learn about, and how these stories have helped her find her enchantment with the world again. She presents excavating questions or learning steps throughout the book to help walk you along the path of becoming more enlightened, it’s great to have because it can show that you may already have some things in your life that offer you an outlet to a more enchanted way of living.

The enchanted life quote

Change the way you think

The questions help change the way you think, the way you view all that is around you, and how to become so intrigued in all that this world has to offer and listen to that inner voice that is screaming to be set free. Talk to the trees, appreciate what nature offers and thank her for it, and become engulfed in the sensations and smells of nature that you start to create your own folklore. I believe most of us are “looking” for something, feeling the heaviness of an unfulfilled life. Sharon’s stories, views, and exercises will help the light, laughter, and inquisitive spirit come back.

Here’s a link to the book!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Reconnect with Nature. The Enchanted Life - Unlock The Magic.Reconnect with Nature. The Enchanted Life - Unlock The Magic.Reconnect with Nature. The Enchanted Life - Unlock The Magic.

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