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Sage It – Create a Calming Space

Cleanse the home of negative energy

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Ah, I love a good cleansing of my home. I smoke cleanse my house or myself whenever I feel out of balance or there seems to be a lot of negative energy around. I also use it to banish bad dreams that have been reoccurring for a few days. Smudging is well-established in Native American culture and has been used for many, many years. It is seen as a spiritual healer by most and is something that must be respected and done with good intentions. Most types of sage that are commonly used have antimicrobial properties so it is great for literally cleansing the air.

Benefits of burning sage

It hasn’t been proven unanimously scientifically but it is said that burning Sage releases negative ions so it is thought to help put people in a better mood and balance energy. There are many more benefits people believe burning sage can bring. I’ll definitely deep dive into sage another time since there really is so much to learn and history behind it.

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I would also do your research if you are using it to alleviate or remove spiritual activity, sometimes it can trap or intensify the presence so proceed with caution. Up until recently, I stuck to burning sage only but I have started to explore these new options that contain other flowers and herbal elements such as bay leaves, lavender, rose, and yarrow.

Places to buy sage

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Lit Rituals Smoke Bundle

All Elements Apothecary now called Lit Rituals makes GORGEOUS smudging bundles. I LOVE them, they’re almost too beautiful to burn 😍 otherwise I find other types at my local metaphysical store. I also burn incense sticks regularly; it is thought to have the same cleansing effect and they smell oh-so-good. I’ve done some trial and error buying online and I found that sticking to ones that are produced in small batches and hand-rolled are the ones that have the best quality and great burn time.

Stay away from ‘bulk’ offers at a low price, I have found the quality and smell just don’t compare, and I’m usually sadly disappointed.

One of my favorite companies to purchase from is Holy Smoke. I found them scrolling on Esty, their incense sticks are hand-rolled from a 60-year-old family recipe. The quality and smell are probably one of the best I’ve found yet. The burn time seems to last forever, which I so appreciate. They have a decent amount of blends and each one that I have tried smells heavenly.

Do you have one that you think I should try? I’d love to hear about your favorites! I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting products.

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

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Sage It - Create a Calming SpaceSage It - Create a Calming Space

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