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Par Avion Tea – First Round

Focus Pocus Tea by Par Avion Tea

I had to get this one! I mean, come on. “Another glorious morning makes me sick!”. I had to pay homage to the cult classic “Hocus Pocus.” I used to watch this on repeat, my first fall in love moment with the spiritual realm and thinking beyond ourselves.

Focus Pocus Tea by Par Avion

This tea is mild on the fruit flavor, but you can tell that it’s there. I tend to like really fruity teas, so I would love it if it has just a bit more fruit flavor. Adding a slice of lemon seemed to do the trick, mwah! I also am one who likes texture to her tea blends. Not sure if that makes sense to you all, I love the chunkier tea, if you will. This Focus Pocus tea is not as granular; in return, it helps bring out the earthly tones. To me, the more texture in a tea blend helps bring out the flavors more. Also, think of all of that energy that is stored inside each piece, undisturbed.

Contains: Apple pies, hibiscus petals, green mate leaves, rosehip pieces, rosemary leaves, natural flavors

Find this tea here.

Nightcap Tea by Par Avion Tea

Nightcap Tea by Par Avion

Chamomile! Yes, please. I love a night time tea with this beauty in there. For me, this is really the only flavor I can pick up on. In general, it is a smooth and light earthy flavor. I use this as my bedtime tea, and it does help one to fall asleep better. I have noticed less tossing and turning when I start to quiet down for the night. The one thing that I don’t particularly love is how granular this one is. It could have been to the bottom of this one batch I received, so I can’t say if this is generally the intended texture for this blend. Because it was finely ground down, there was a decent amount that slips out of my tea ball. I didn’t mind it, but if eating the tea isn’t something you enjoy, just be aware that it could happen with this one.

Contains: Rooibos, chamomile, linden + Passionflower petals, lemon balm + lemon verbena leaves, cinnamon, orange pieces

Find this tea here.

Tie Dye Tea by Par Avion Tea

Tie Dye Tea by Par Avion

This one I had to try because I have a slight obsession with sprinkles, to the point where they need to be a specific kind. I LOVE the chunky sprinkles, not the small ones that resemble salt. I also LOVE collecting sprinkles. So, I was super excited to try this one. The number of sprinkles in this tea I was a little disappointed about, but the coloring of this tea is just beautiful. Taste-wise I would say this one was my least favorite. It is hard to explain exactly what this tea blend tastes like. It almost reminds me of a doughnut/pastry/candy mix. I would absolutely recommend this for a morning tea. I assume part of the flavor I am tasting comes from the sprinkles, and that would be my guess as to why there is not a liberal amount in the blend.

Contains: Rooibos, candy, safflower + cornflower + calendula petals, natural flavors

Find this tea here.

Fairy Bomb Tea by Par Avion Tea

Fairy Bomb Tea by Par Avion

If you’re a tea lover like me or I bet you have seen it floating around on social media. The flower bomb teas that once steeped burst into a beautiful flower mixture. I was hooked, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to try this one. Not clear how many you will receive but, in my order, I received five flower bombs. After steeping, I was hoping for this instant burst, but in reality, it took a good 5-7 minutes for it to open up all the way. Fantastic full, earthy flavors, but the flower bomb’s aesthetic leaves a bit to the imagination. It was a great mini experience with my kids, and we had fun with it. And to think about how they go about creating each one of these, it is pretty amazing what new and creative things they can come up with in the world of tea.

Contains: Green tea, chrysanthemum lily, jasmine, Osmanthus flowers

Find this tea here.

Their website is an experience all on its own. The graphics are unique and mesmerizing on the home page. Unfortunately, the product listings are a bit sad, and there is not much information provided. Still, everything arrived great, the container designs are beautiful, and the tea alone is stunning.

Do you have any tea brands or blends you are head over heads for? Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Par Avion Tea – First RoundPar Avion Tea – First RoundPar Avion Tea – First RoundPar Avion Tea – First RoundPar Avion Tea – First Round


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