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How To Celebrate The Winter Solstice

What is the winter solstice?

Winter solstice is on or around 12/21, a time when the day is its shortest when concerning daylight. This is when one of the Earth’s poles is farthest away from the sun. At this time, we usher in the beginning of Winter. A time for a pause, inner reflection, rest, and creating plans for the new season. This is a turning point during the year, a time of rebirth, as this marks the start of a new solar year. This event is widely celebrated across the globe in many different ways.

Celebrate Solstice Around The World

Krampus anyone? Well, if you want to scare that pants off some little tikes, then head over to Austria, where they celebrate the Winter solstice. Krampus is designed to be the opposite of Santa and does the bidding when it comes to punishing naughty little girls and boys. Head to Austria if you want to participate in their many festivals.

Now Japan is where it’s at. To celebrate the Winter solstice, they like to take fruit baths, yuzu citrus fruit, to be exact. This is thought to help ward off the common cold. Even their zoo animals join in on the fun some years.

Travel to Korea if you like porridge. They like to cook red bean porridge both to eat and to spread around the house; this is believed to ward off any evil spirits.

One of the most famous and well-known celebrations happens at Stonehenge, not just during the winter solstice but also during the summer solstice. Lots of singing, dancing, yoga, and loving energy are done during the cover of the night as they are awaiting the first rays of sunrise. There is a lot of history, and believe that Stonehenge was a place of worship for thousands of years, so this is a hugely popular spot to celebrate the solstice.

This is the first year I will be celebrating the Winter Solstice. I am so appreciative of where my spiritual journey has brought me and how much I have learned along the way. Knowing that you have a way to communicate and honor the universal energy that is all around us helps to keep me grounded and know that everything has a path and what is meant to be will be.

How Can You Celebrate The Winter Solstice

Here are a few things we will be doing this year:

Pinecone manifestation – I saw this floating around this year and absolutely loved the idea. Go out and gather a pinecone. Then on small pieces of paper, write a quick one or two-word intention or something you want to manifest for the new year. Roll the pieces of paper up, insert them into the pinecone, and then burn them the night of the Winter solstice.

Create a fest of Earth’s offerings – use food that is grown close to Mother Earth: nuts, berries, potatoes, and meat. Think of creating a hearty meal.

Burning a Yule log – Unfortunately, we don’t have a fireplace inside, so when we burn our pinecones, we will use that as our time. You’re supposed to keep it lit all night, but you gotta work with what you have!

Meditation – take time to sit with yourself. Think about the year past and everything that was accomplished and possibly not. Then take time to visualize what your next year will look like. What do you want to bring in? What do you need to let go of? What is no longer serving you in your journey? After this meditation, it’s a great time to create your pinecone offering. Your mind is open and clear. Things that you genuinely need will appear clear and strong.

I hope each one of you takes a few moments to reflect on this year and be thankful for what you have overcome and what was not meant to be. I hope the days ahead of increasing light bring in the loving light and energy you need and are longing for.

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Happy Solstice!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

How To Celebrate The Winter SolsticeHow To Celebrate The Winter Solstice


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