Quick and Easy Five Ingredient Kale & Bacon Recipe by Spiritual Binding Herbs
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Try This Quick and Easy Five Ingredient Kale & Bacon Recipe

This Easy Kale and Bacon Recipe Came From a New York Farmers Market

Kale plants in the garden
Kale plants in the garden

I found this recipe when I was wandering around one of New York farmer’s markets a few years back. It has now become one of our family favorites! This kale and bacon recipe is super easy and quick. After making this for a few years now I find myself experimenting with adding in different veggies. Also, the great thing is if bacon isn’t your jam you can easily swap it out with turkey or tofu versions.

This recipe is a great way to use up kale from the garden

I usually use one package (1LB) of bacon, if you’re feeding a large number of people just double up the recipe. So, first, before you put the bacon in the pan to cook use a knife or cooking scissors and cut it into bite-size pieces. While the bacon is cooking on medium heat take your two heads of kale and either cut or break them up into bite-size pieces. Keep in mind they will shrink a bit once the kale is cooked down, the stem on some kale can also become a bit chewy so I tend to leave this out.

A good way to test is how easily you can break the stem part, if it becomes stringing and doesn’t break easily, I would pass on putting it in. Now with that said I would like to thank this to my great anxiety and my fear of people choking (so great, I know 😊) so I leave this up to your personal preference.

bacon and red onion in pan on stove top
bacon and red onion in pan on stove top

Once the bacon has cooked remove the grease

Once the bacon has cooked, scoop out about half of the grease that is in the pan but by all means, if you LOVE bacon grease, keep it in (I may be speaking from experience 😉). It just may affect how crunchy the kale will end up being. If you want to add in any veggies now would be the time. For this batch pictured, I added red onion and let it cook for about 4 minutes before adding in the kale. You could also cook additional vegetables in a separate pan if you’re running out of room in the one pan.

Now, add in your kale

Once the grease has been removed add in the kale you have cut up. It may be a bit overflowing at first but it will start to cook down. Cover and check in at about 5 minutes. Once it has cooked down a bit remove the cover and stir so the kale and bacon are mixed together. Add in salt and pepper to your liking. Cook about an additional 5-7 minutes, the longer you cook the kale the more wilted it will become so, if you want it to be a bit crunchier then a quick sauté just to mix all the ingredients together is excellent too and voila you’re all ready to chow down!

Kale and bacon mixed together in pan
Kale and bacon mixed together in pan

Want to add to the recipe?

Mashed potatoes are a great option to add, and sweet potatoes make a lovely addition as well but I also LOVE this easy kale and bacon recipe on its own. Another yummy option is using portabella mushrooms in place of potatoes. The possibilities are endless with this dish and can be easily customized to your preferences. It also would be delicious atop some fish or other meat, I think adding salmon would be superb! This is especially great in the summer when we can use our very own garden-grown kale and other veggies.

Kale and Bacon Recipe:

1 package of bacon

2 heads of kale – curly or purple kale seem to work best, dinosaur kale doesn’t seem to cook as well

1 large red onion (optional)

Additional Vegetables (optional)

Salt & pepper to taste

Easy 5 Ingredient Kale and Bacon Dinner Recipe
The finished product of this easy kale and bacon recipe

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Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Try This Quick and Easy Five Ingredient Kale & Bacon RecipeTry This Quick and Easy Five Ingredient Kale & Bacon Recipe

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