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Best Ways To Cope With Anxiety During A Time Of Uncertainty

I realized how much was affecting me mentally

During the pandemic (for whatever reason I really hate using this word, probably because it creates more anxiety) I realized how much it was affecting me mentally as I think a lot of us are feeling. I think at first it was kind of survival mode happening so I didn’t feel much for the first few weeks other than intensity and just working on figuring out all the daily logistics. Now, as I start to sit panic starts to creep in. I

start to worry about everything; will we get sick, will I realize if one of us gets sick, will we all make it? I soon realized I had to stop watching the news, those stories of those who lost loved ones were just too much to bear. So, in my morning meditation, I now acknowledge all those suffering and then release it in the same token.

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Dealing with mental health issues and anxiety

When dealing with mental health issues in general you start to wonder if you really are strong enough to handle it and especially during something like this you are certainly tested. So, how do we survive? Well, for me these are the steps I’m taking to get through this, I hope, once-in-a-lifetime situation. First, acknowledge that things are not OK (I know we have been told this over and over already), and do not fight it. Feel these feelings but you must remind yourself that these moments will pass.

Emotions change, come and go, and this will too. I think most of us that have anxiety or depression are on some level empaths. During my most recent attack, I came across this quote and it really helped me realize why these attacks were so intense right now and feeling like they were never going to end.

Now every morning I permit myself to release the emotions of others, a quick 5-minute meditation of letting these feelings go. “I show empathy to those that are struggling and hope they find peace but now I must release and come back to me”. If I ever start to feel panicky during the day, I repeat this and take a few seconds to breathe it in and let it resonate with me fully.

Natural remedies to help with anxiety

              I also have some natural remedies that I use every day to help with my anxiety, especially during these uncertain times I am more vigilant than ever. This magnesium supplement by Natural Calm that I stumbled across years ago at my local co-op has been a lifesaver. Here’s my blog post more about this supplement. I suggest taking it first thing in the morning with either water or in your morning tea.

Another one of my go-to’s is my anxiety soother by Herbpharm. Most days I can get by with taking once a day with my tea. But the great thing about this is if you feel anxiety coming back to pay a visit feel free that take another dose, I wouldn’t recommend more than five times a day though. Here’s my blog post on this wonderful product if you want to learn more.

Also, if you have noticed that you’re feeling more anxious in general or on edge try cutting out the caffeine, even for just a few days. Try some soothing or calming green tea instead and see if it helps improve your anxious state. I brew a cup of tea whenever I know I need to take a few minutes and just breath. Something about sipping a warm brew helps calm me down, I’m forced to take it slow.

Anxiety can cause us to be our own worst enemy

Remember we can be our own worst enemy. I have also been so guilty of this, getting down on myself for even feeling this way. Don’t do it! These are stressful times; some people thrive under stress most become overwhelmed. It’s not the norm for our bodies, our bodies love to be in harmony and synchronized and at peace. Take time to read, and expand your mind to new ways of thinking.

I’m currently reading: The Universe Has Your Back and it is just what I need right now (it has some great mini-meditations throughout). So, as we all try to make it through this uncertain time how do we cope with our anxiety? Remember to lead with love and compassion.

Take time to acknowledge your feelings and others’ energies but then quickly release them, we cannot take on others’ fears. It will do no one any good. So, if you’re out there struggling with anxiety or depression right now during all of this just remember you are not alone.

If enough of us send love and positivity into the universe think of how much calm we could create. Take each day or thought as it comes and know that it will pass, the good and the bad. We are stronger than our fears and as bright as our inner light wants us to be. I hope that during this time each one of you finds some inner peace.

Do you have any anxiety remedies that you’d love to share? Let me know in the comments below!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

Best Ways To Cope With Anxiety During A Time Of UncertaintyBest Ways To Cope With Anxiety During A Time Of Uncertainty


  • Rachel

    As someone with anxiety, I 100% agree! I constantly remind myself that it’s okay to not be okay, and that I am not obligated (even though I might feel like it) to put on a happy face for others. I can also vouch for the fact that caffeine has a direct impact on anxiety levels. I keep a very low caffeine intake now, as drinking a lot flares up panic and just makes me feel uncomfortable anymore, really. I hadn’t read about using magnesium, though, I’ll have to check that out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Adrienne

    These are uncertain times indeed and it is tough to keep anxiety in check. I’ve seen this virus affect so many more that are close to me by way of declining mental health – than that of the virus itself. Hoping we get through this soon.

  • Eva Keller

    Great info! I’ve been increasingly more aware of my anxiety in the past year or so and have been trying to sort out triggers and remedies. One of my goals this year is to make progress on that so it doesn’t interfere with my daily life.

  • Chantelle

    I love to diffuse lavender and lemon essential oils when I’m feeling anxious to calm me down and help me feel happier.
    This is a great post, everyone is feeling anxiety on some level right now!

  • Cindy

    My anxiety is about the world outside my home so my anxiety is actually a bit better during these times where I have returned to simpler routines. It’s a learning experience for when we get back to normal.

  • Pam

    Great advice. I was really anxious the first few weeks but as we’ve been at home for six weeks now I feel much better – we honestly haven’t gone anywhere so I feel confident our contact is limited. I did cut out caffeine (drinking only decaf now) and that did help me a bit too.

  • Tara Hallie

    Diet is so important in maintaining a healthy balance. Magnesium supplements + lessening caffeine are great; I’m glad you addressed these!

  • Emily Ackerman

    I think everyone, whether they normally struggle with anxiety or not, is dealing with this at this time now. I find that prayer and reading books helps me alot. Thank you!

  • Tammica

    What beautiful insight you have. I’m calmer after just reading your post. 😊 Looking forward to checking out your meditation videos. Thank you for sharing something light and positive with the world in these uncertain times.

  • Kristin

    Magnesium does wonders for so many things. I have found taking magnesium supplements a great help to me for sleep & anxiety.

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