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How To Navigate Today’s Moon Phase?

So. How was the full Moon for you?

Did you make it out on the other side? Was it full of intense energy and feelings of accomplishment? Did you emotionally and mentally break apart? Or are you still crawling back out the other side?

Full Moon Rollercoaster

This last full Moon was a 3-day rollercoaster for me. Still not sure if I’m all the way back out. 😂In this dismal state of mind, not sure what the heck was going on. I started to ponder, “Why does the stage the Moon is in affect us so much? Why does our body seem to live by the New Moon and Full Moon? There are other various lives (phases) of the Moon during the month, but the New and Full Moon are the ones we most hear about and really see our emotions and state of mind towards everything shift. But why? Is it science, spiritual, or both?

A Little Bit Of Science, A Little Bit Of Universal Energy

If you ask me, I think both. Let’s try and break it down. So, astronomers have been able to break down the Moon phases in a 27 to 29-day span into a total of eight phases. Four fall into the primary phases, and four fall into the secondary phases. Primary phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter. Secondary phases: Waxing Crescent, Waxing Gibbous, Waning Crescent, Waning Gibbous.

Each secondary phase happens in between each primary phase. The Moon goes through these phases every 27 (pass through each phase) – 29 (from New Moon to New Moon) days as it passes around the Earth. The time between each primary phase is around 7.5 days. Some say 7.375 days, others 7.75 days. So I went for in-between. Each month we have the ability to harness its energy and help propel us forward in our lives.

The Eight Moon Phases

The Moon: Feminine Energy and Gravity

The Moon is linked to feminine energy. Full of emotion and guidance. This is where our reactions can be held. Now, there is also science happening here, all having to do with the gravitational pull. This gravitational pull has been linked to the flow of water and tides it creates from that pull, which is energy. Maybe we mostly look at the New and Full Moon because the gravitational pull is its strongest at these two times, which also means stronger energy.

And guess what? Our bodies are about 60% water. So, thinking and looking at it in this way makes sense why we feel heightened emotions and energies the most during these two phases. It can give us the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We can also look at the luminosity of the phases, which also results in the intensity of the energy we feel. I look at it as a charger; the brighter the Moon, the higher the charge. 

The New Moon – Phase 1

During the New Moon, this is the time we want to start new projects, make new declarations, take time to think, and decide what new things do you want to bring to fruition this next month. When we experience the New Moon, the side of the Moon we see from Earth is in darkness. It is not gathering its light from the Sun currently (but it’s getting ready). So, in turn, we are also getting prepared to use the energy we are creating to help us pursue our goals. We start to feel the energy inside our being and around us getting stronger as the days go on. This is where the excitement of what is to come starts to fuel us and get us motivated.

The New Moon Phase

The First Quarter Moon – Phase 3

When we are experiencing the First quarter Moon, we can tend to feel balanced and in a state of calm. There are equal parts, light and dark, reflecting from the Sun onto the Moon, giving us a visualization of balance. This is a time when we are steadfast in working towards our goals with laser beam focus. We are flying high and feeling like we’re handling it all with grace and confidence. The gravitational pull we are experiencing is more even-keeled, making us feel emotionally and mentally at an equal state. Since the next primary phase we will roll into is the Full Moon, we find that we may have more energy to pull from each day as it inches toward the Full Moon. The First Quarter Moon can also show as being able to remove any roadblocks that may be in our way to the goals we set during the New Moon.

The First Quarter Phase

The Full Moon – Phase 5

When we enter the Full Moon, this is where we are thanking the universe, spirits, gods, goddesses, ancestors, and anything that resonates with you for what we were able to accomplish. This is also a time to release what you no longer need to give energy to. What is weighing you down and no longer serving you? Now, that’s not saying you have to let that thing, situation, or person go for good. It simply may just not be working right now. The energy can be spent somewhere more fruitful and rewarding right now. I think one of the things we must remember as we go through each day is that not everything needs our attention, and what needs our attention will change every day. You are building. You are creating, and it takes time. Sometimes you need to nurture some areas more than others.

The Full Moon Phase

The Last Quarter Moon – Phase 7

So now we start to come back down from all of that intense Full Moon energy and enter the Last Quarter Moon. It is time to fully release what is creating negativity in your life. We are now at the opposite spectrum of where our energy found us at the First Quarter Moon. Your energy may start to feel a bit thin from all the directions it has been pulled. Now is the time to focus on the core goals and revert most of your energy to these fewer ideals. Simply we do not have enough of us to fulfill everything we want. Our mind starts to shift into maintenance mode. Think of all you have been through in the past month, the peaks and valleys. Now is the time to let go of all that no longer serves your higher self.

The Last Quarter Phase

Our Energy during Each Moon Phase

During any of these Moon phases, your energy can go any which way. Entering planets during these times can also dictate what the dominant energy can be. But you can try to track and plan for it. Start a Moon tracker (create a tracker). Use this to quickly jot down your overall feelings for the day. If every day feels like too much, just start taking notes during the four primary Moon phases. Once you have these four phases tracking and feel good about it, then try adding in the four secondary phases. I would guess to bet that after 3-6 months, you might start to see a pattern emerge. 

How We Can Use The Moon Energy In Our Daily Life

This can help us decide when to take action, take on more projects, or when it might be time to retreat and just maintain. The end goal would be to use this to help us all live a more harmonious and balanced life. Imagine if you are able to prepare for those days when it all feels too much. Realizing when self-care might be more needed? Seeing when you are at your best?

We can’t be everything all the time. Think of how exhausting that would be. So, get to know yourself and your relationship with the Moon. There is so much that can affect our mental state. When those days where you feel like, “What the hell is going on with me?” just know you can blame it on the Moon!

Wishing you love, light and inner peace babes ✌🌈✨💜

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How To Navigate Today\'s Moon Phase?


  • Linda Egeler

    So much information here! Just wondering: do you think the moon phases effect us more if we are aware of the energy cycle, or less if we are unaware that the moon phases can have an impact on our energy?

    • Elaina

      Great question! I guess you could look at it as a bit of influence if we know what we might feel during a certain phase. I do also think it has to do with how open we are too. I know that people who experience paranormal activity may have some other abilities but someone else could be in the same place and not experience anything. I think it has to also do with how open you want to let yourself be to outside energies.

  • Alicia

    Very interesting! My husband is studying planetary geology, so I heard a lot about the surface of the moon, but I don’t know much about the phases. I do know my cousin with special needs seems to have a very hard time sleeping during full moons. His mother said she had learned this is very common with some kids. Thanks for your insights!

  • Megan

    This is so interesting! I knew the phases of the moon affected us, but never really understood how or why. I’m totally going to pay more attention during this next moon cycle!

  • Cindy

    Very interesting. If you talk to any first responders, most of us dread full moons because so many wierd things happen during full moons.

  • Keirsten

    Such a beautiful breakdown. I’m so inlove with the moon actually. I think it is so powerful and effects us in so many ways that we don’t fully understand. In university I took an Astrology class where we had to track the moon for an entire month and I really enjoyed looking out every night to see where the moon was and what phase it was in.

  • Suz | TravelsWithSuz.com

    Fascinating! I’m not aware of differing feelings during different phases of the moon. (Nor do I detect effects of food.)
    I love seeing the full moon – and the recent “pink moon” was spectacular here in New Mexico.

  • Marianne

    I definitely believe how much the moon affects people. I worked in a hospital for 15 years (and even in my current job), and things get a lot more ‘interesting’ in terms of peoples’ behaviours around full moon time. LOL… my calendar has marking for phases of the moon, and I definitely don’t look forward to working oncertain nights!

  • MissKorang

    This is such an eye opener! I need to pay more attention to these moon phases. Because sometimes I feel like i can conquer the world and other times, I feel like a little scraggly worm, needed a hole to hide.

  • Carolyn

    It amazes me at how often my energy is tied to the moon and celestial events. I feel like this is an area of science that needs to be tapped and studied more.

  • Chelsea

    Lots of good info! I always wondered why the phases of the moon affected us. It makes sense though about our bodies being 60% water and the moon affecting the gravitational pull and the ocean tides. Really interesting.

  • Jane

    How interesting! I’ve learned so much from your post. I didn’t know that moon phases can affect our energy and mental state. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cindy Moore

    The moon is my symbol for this year so I’ve been very attuned to her phases. On the evening of the full moon I do a releasing ritual, every month, and it’s been very powerful for me!

  • Kristin

    Such a fascinating post! I am going to start paying attention. I love the idea of knowing when to take on more or just chill. I need some energy reminding me to chill. 🙂

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